About Burton

Born Martin Haywood 5th March (Pisces) 1954 in Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, England. Lived at 401 Lichfield Road, Barton Under Needwood. Went to school John Russell Primary and John Taylor Secondary Modern. Barton Under Needwood.

As a kid opened lochs for narrow boats on local canal Barton Turns, paper delivery boy locally, every evening. Stayed after school doing Trampoline and gymnastics.

Family of 4 boys, John, Paul and Alan (Mother) Jean Haywood died 54 years, Cancer 1984. (Father) Alderson (Jim) Haywood died 2010 of old age 86. Both Died in NZ.

Emigrated to Australia as a family in 1965 to Brisbane. Went to Inala State High School, Inala.

Left School to work in a garage. Apprenticed at 15 years old as a mechanic. Beaudesert Road, Brisbane at Genevieve Motors. Enlisted in Australian Army 1969 as a Gunner/ Driver spent 3 years in the army. 105th Battery, Wacol Barracks, Brisbane.

Learned guitar from a fellow army recruit (Tarzan) while undergoing training at Wagga Wagga. At 18 in 1973 moved to Helensville, NZ with Family. Father built a house there. Went professional as a solo performer with Lion Breweries on their circuit all over the North Island of NZ. 26 years old.

Circuit disbanded and all venues sold off. Opened a talent agency Nightmix Promotions and organized Solo, Duo and Trio acts in various venues all over Auckland and rural areas.

Went to England to play British Clubs and played for "Home Ales" Derbyshire. From Birmingham up to Yorkshire.

Left Britain and moved to Lanzarote for 4 years. In those 4 years played in Hotels and bars. Also did a showband with "Lee Kerslake", drummer with "Uriah Heep". Also Sharron Ford and Peter Smith, other members.

I consider Lee a friend, as we went to pubs after playing, although not been in touch since returning back to NZ. Lee is a very professional musician and it is not hard to see how he became well known. We left him on stage for 20 minutes doing solo’s on drums and it was fantastic what he can do with them.

Toured Mainland of Spain for 2 years playing bars and Hotels, including; Marbella, Torremolinas, Fuengirola, Mojacar, Benidorm, Calpe, Salou. Drove back to England and caught a flight to Nashville, played bars in Nashville. My hero was in Nashville, playing on the 20th January 1995 Mr. James Taylor and I did’nt even know he was there.

I’ve always wanted to meet James Taylor above anyone! Born 12th March 1948 another Pisces. It wasn't until, I looked in a tourist guide and noticed an ad for him some 5 years after.

Sat in the Grand Ole Opry all afternoon in awe of Ricky Skaggs directing the evening’s entertainment alongside Sawyer Brown their truck outside (Peterbuilt) which I took a pic of and also Ricky’s Bus.

Flew back to NZ 1996 and decided to become a singer/songwriter.

Multi - Instrumentalist and recording artist. I am now definitely settled into being totally Nashville Country music based. Keeping It Country! I consider myself very fortunate to have so many god! given talents and its been a hard road, but totally worth what I’ve done, and exciting.

Burton Trent.